Stûv commercial warranty

The Stûv commercial guarantee covers all users of a Stûv system (end purchaser). It enters into force from the original date of invoice from the seller to the purchaser.

Conditions of application of guarantee

To benefit from this commercial guarantee, you have to correctly complete and return the guarantee form to us within 30 days of installation.

Only forms completed correctly will apply..
You will then receive your Stûv guarantee certificate by e-mail to the address indicated or by post. Keep this document safe. In the event of problems with your stove, please contact your distributor. You must present him/her with this certificate for the commercial guarantee to apply
* extension of the legal guarantee (of 2 years) to 5/3/3 years subject to adherence to the applicable conditions
Complete the guarantee form here

 Download the form in pdf.


Duration of the guarantee

Without prejudice to the guarantee covering latent defects, the Stûv commercial guarantee is for :
5 years on the body of the stove
3 years on original electrical components (fan, thermostat, switches, cabling,...)
3 years on other components (base grate, door mechanism, hinges, pulleys, runners, clasps,...)

Applicable to stoves sold after 30/06/2010. Only the sales invoice produced by the distributor for the final purchaser is valid as proof for the guarantee.

For purchases prior to 01/07/2010, please refer to the guarantee conditions contained in the installation instructions/directions for usage provided with the stove.

The right to benefit from extension of the guarantee is subject to adherence to the applicable conditions and the accuracy of the information provided to Stûv.

Cover of the guarantee

Stûv stoves are guaranteed against :
  • manufacturing faults,
  • faults with the paintwork on the visible external parts of the stove.

The guarantee does not cover
  • the components subject to wear and tear (e.g. refractory vermiculite bricks, seals) which have to be replaced from time to time in normal usage,
  • the glass,
  • damage caused to the stove or operational faults due to :

    • installation which does not comply with good practice guidelines and the installation instructions and with national and regional regulations in force,
    • abnormal usage which does not comply with the directions for use instructions,
    • a lack of maintenance,
    • external factors, such as flooding, lightning, fire...
    • local conditions such as draught problems or faults caused by defective ducts.

  • damage caused by :

    • faulty installation,
    • overheating,
    • the use of inappropriate fuel.

    The guarantee is restricted to the exchange of components recognized as defective excluding replacement, compensation and interest costs. The replacement components supplied under the guarantee are guaranteed for the remainder of the guarantee period.